5 Reasons You Need a Convection Oven


Many people have mixed emotions about convection ovens; they're interested in trying them but also intimidated by them. We've heard they're all the rage, but many people struggle to understand why. Despite the myth that convection ovens are challenging to use, all it takes is a bit of practice to adjust temperatures and timing on your favorite recipes to get the perfect dish every time.

What is a Convection Oven?

Convection ovens circulate the air using fans and exhaust systems, improving cooking efficiency. Since air circulates, heat distribution is uniform, resulting in a lower temperature than with conventional ovens. They are therefore more effective at maintaining a consistent temperature inside the range.

A convection oven should be next on your wish list if you enjoy cooking. Below are some reasons why a convection oven will make your culinary dreams come true.

Why You Need a Convection Oven.

Cooks More Evenly.

The best thing about convection oven cooking is that it eliminates any cold or hot spots in the oven. Convection ovens have fans that circulate the air and help even out temperature variances, unlike regular ovens, which can have hot spots depending on where the heating element is. The evenly distributed hot air will eliminate hot and cold spots.

For example, a cake will cook more evenly in a convection oven than in a traditional oven since the bottom won't burn with uncooked batter on the inside.

Cooks Faster.

Generally, convection ovens cook 20% - 30% faster than traditional radiant ovens. Air circulates quickly through the oven cavity, resulting in faster preheating and more efficient cooking. Convection cooks food much quicker, so you'll have to judge its readiness by its appearance and smell rather than relying solely on a timer. You should check your dishes often, especially toward the end.

Browns Better.

Convection ovens are unparalleled for browning food. The convection process creates a dry environment that caramelizes sugars faster, resulting in foods like meats and vegetables becoming browner while remaining moist. The air can become humid in a regular oven since moisture cannot escape.

Saves Time.

The circulating air and even heat distribution in a convection oven help cook food up to 30 percent faster than in a conventional oven. By combining circulating heat with radiant heat, you quickly get the food to the table.

Saves Energy.

Low temperatures and short cooking times generally mean that overall energy consumption is low. Several new ranges even automatically adjust the temperature. Simply put, you won't have to operate your oven as long, nor will you have to turn it up as high as you would with a traditional range.

It sounds too good to be true. But it gets better!

Bison Kitchens carries several types of convection ovens with manual convection cooking modes, allowing you to choose when you do or don't use them. That way, if you're new to convection cooking and want to experiment, you'll have the choice of whether to use it or not.  Consider a Zline or Kucht Dual Fuel Freestanding range, with gas stovetop and electric over with convection cooking in addition to conventional cooking, or an electric wall oven, with convection cooking in addition to conventional cooking. 

Take your time; before you know it, convection cooking will be your weapon of choice, and you'll be browning your meals like a pro and making batches of cookies like a baking expert.

Does the idea of a convection oven tickle your fancy? Head to our website and contact us using our online form or phoning (725)780-8330 to speak to one of our experts, who can walk you through our selection of convection ranges.

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